This starts next week, gonna be the tits

This starts next week, gonna be the tits

I love these Nacho Bitches!

I am a fangirl of Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, thanks to their Guys We Fucked podcast. Like, after the show last night, there was a kind of awkward looking dude who came up to Corinne with a mix of excitement, awe and nervousness and that’s me, I just wear cuter dresses.

So then I noticed that Corinne had started a show at NY Comedy Club with Blair Socci, a comedian I was woefully ignorant of until last night.  It’s a comedy show, hosted by two funny gals and they actually give you nachos, is this heaven? That alone should get you out to see it.  The fact that this month’s show was also Corinne’s birthday celebration and featured Nick Turner and Michael Che made it impossible to resist. And I’m so glad I didn’t resist.

The show was super fun, in a fully packed out room, with Corinne and Blair setting a fun, wacky, slightly tipsy tone at the start. And now let me gush about Blair Socci.  Not to steal the spotlight from the birthday girl, but I already knew I loved her.  Blair, on the other hand, was a “Why the fuck haven’t I seen this person before?” revelation! I don’t even know how to describe why it was so great other than that she has such a firm grasp of her own voice, every part of her set was amazing. Photographer Dee Guerreros  backed up my assessment.  And basically, the highest praise you can get is when a comedy photographer or club waitress likes you, so you know she’s legit badass.

Nick was excellent (of course) and a great fit with the vibe and Che closed out the show.  With typical Che humbleness, he said before going on stage, “I hope they know this isn’t going to be good, I don’t even know what I’m gonna talk about.” And of course, it was more than good. Because the crowd was so filled with Corinne’s friends and admirers and the vibe was so freewheeling, people had been a little chatty throughout the night.  But by Che’s set, the beers and nachos had brought out the worst of it, with one dude in the back corner chiming in with loud positive affirmations that couldn’t go unaddressed. Che began with the usually successful tactic of keeping it friendly but letting him know he needed to pipe down, but he was the sort of “helpful heckler” who didn’t understand the entire audience united in laughter meant STFU not Keep Going! Then Che broke it down with the best metaphor for the misguided Helpful Heckler I’ve ever heard, “It’s like I’m a fireman and you see me putting out a fire and I’m good at it, so then you set more fires so I have more fires to put out.  Nah, man, let me just stick to this fire I was dealing with in the first place.”

The night ended with delicious cupcakes, baked with love by Krystyna and one last drink at the newly renovated front bar.

So, to sum it up, you should check out NACHO BITCHES if you:

  • Like nachos
  • Like funny women
  • Like funny humans
  • Wanna come geek out on Corinne at the bar afterward

Awesome Shit Your Eyeballs Missed This Week

Welp, I said I was gonna start being a sexist pig to guys to even out ye olde “Comedy is sexist to women” score, so this week’s awesome shit is alllll eye candy.  I mean, it also happens to be funny and cool and whatnot, but eye candy.

Hunky Mike Vecchione and hubba hubba Rachel Feinstein have an… um… interesting online date.

Dave Smith launched a new web series where he talks about politics and stuff.  I don’t know, I turned the sound off and just watched him talk.

A little #TBT action from the hansdomest caveman Sam Morril and the hansdomest trash man Mike Recine

And Best Hair in the Biz Steve Rannazisi helps Best Human On Earth Jerrod Carmichael with his publicity stunt.. er philanthropic endaevor

Awesome Shit Your Eyeballs Missed This Week

Welp, I said I was gonna start being a sexist pig to guys to even out ye olde “Comedy is sexist to women” score, so this week’s awesome shit is alllll eye candy.  I mean, it also happens to be funny and cool and whatnot, but eye candy.

Hunky Mike Vecchione and hubba hubba Rachel Feinstein have an… um… interesting online date.

Dave Smith launched a new web series where he talks about politics and stuff.  I don’t know, I turned the sound off and just watched him talk.

A little #TBT action from the hansdomest caveman Sam Morril and the hansdomest trash man Mike Recine

And Best Hair in the Biz Steve Rannazisi helps Best Human On Earth Jerrod Carmichael with his publicity stunt.. er philanthropic endaevor

The Awesomeness that is Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is one of those people who is pretty much just fantastic every time I see her.  Her jokes are smart, the writing is tight and her distinct delivery and ginger hair make her hard to forget. Watching her feels like you’re at brunch with that friend who will patiently listen to all your bitching and moaning, then sum up whats wrong with you in one witty sentence. Then go on to tell you what happened to her this week, which was way weirder and funnier than what happened to you.

Not surprisingly with her badass writing skills, Michelle is a joy to follow on Twitter (@Michelleisawolf) and writes (and can sometimes be seen on camera) for Late Night with Seth Myers. She performs all over the city most nights, so do yourself a favor and find her!

What’s Up with MashUp

MashUp is a new comedy show at The Stand (not to be confused with the short lived Comedy Central series of the same name from TJ Miller and Jordan Vogt-Roberts). Last night was the second outing and offered the audience a good mix of prepared and off-the-cuff moments as a pair of comedians shared the stage for each set.

Hosts Luis J Gomez and Adrienne Iapalucci took turns trading bits, new and old, on similar or tangential topics, in between squabbling like brother and sister. Luis’s joke about race would segue into Adrienne’s about Puerto Ricans, Luis talking about his adorable son led to Adrienne talking about how she hates kids and even pulling out an old bit about how to deter pedophiles. It set up one model for how two comedians could share the stage, but each pair made it their own with a completely different use of the unusual dymanic.

Dave Smith and Damien Lemon admitted they had not prepared at all and were going to use this time to get to know one another, trading riffs on the gentrification of Brooklyn and various types of porn.  Damien even tried to facilitate a love connection between Dave and a girl in the front row.

Of course, porn came up again with Michelle Wolf and Monroe Martin, because that’s the topic of at least 75% of conversations between two comedians. Michelle and Monroe felt the most like “hunh, these guys could actually be a comedy duo” with Monroe’s laid back approach to sometimes outrageous statements balanced nicely by Michelle’s no nonsense, “Wait a minute, let’s remember common sense” quips.

Sean Patton and Mike Recine finished out the night with a very storyteller style set. Sean took the lead up top, then took a backseat, acting as part hype man, part surrogate audience member, playing up the more WTF? moments of Recine’s story about how very Italian his uncle is when it comes to squirrels.

It’s a cool idea that lets each pair make what they want of the unusual situation of sharing the stage and gives the audience a little more of a fun freewheeling vibe than a straight showcase show.

5 Comedy Rules Every Comedian Should Break

As much as comedians like to say “There’s no one path” and “Don’t ask other comedians for advice, they’ll only tell you how to be like them” everyone sure likes to give out advice. They tend to couch them as Rules, but it’s really just advice.

Much of it is actually solid advice for a newbie… it keeps you from cultivating bad habits and falling into the worst pitfalls of hackery. But we’re artists and artists are meant to break rules!

So here are some “Rules” of comedy that you should consider breaking.

1. Don’t Talk About Your Day Job

The thought behind this rule is, “If you reveal to the audience that you still work a day job, they’ll respect you less as a ‘professional.’” That was probably true before podcasts and blogs and Twitter pulled back the curtain of our glamorous lifestyle, but now dozens or thousands of people have already heard about your shitty day job(s) (and your crazy ex and your herpes).  Besides, the audience can relate to your shitty day job!  They have shitty jobs, too!

There’s still some value in fudging the time factor and setting it up as “I used to…” but that’s more because it’s an easier device, like how everything in every premise happened to you “the other day”

If You Break It Don’t do that thing everyone does of adding “because this is going so well for me” Now you did just tell them you’re unsuccessful. Explicitly.

2. Don’t Put Videos Up Online Too Soon

Again, there’s a good theory behind this one, in those delusional first few years of comedy, you wanna “get yourself out there” and you for sure shouldn’t. Because the internet is forever and comedians love to hate watch other comedian’s shitty videos.  But don’t go so far the other way that you’ve got nothing to send around to festivals and bookers when you’re ready for that. And definitely don’t wait until your manager has been after you for 14 months about getting it together.

If You Break It Don’t read any of the comments on YouTube

3. Always Acknowledge How Weird The Room Is

There’s a fine line between acknowledging what’s happening to put people at ease and totally alienating the 3 people in that bar in Glendale that are actually paying attention to you. Or, in other words, don’t shit on the room.  If you were “too good for this” you’d be somewhere else right now.

If You Do Break It Don’t just plow through like you’re in a sold out theater, at least acknowledge it to yourself and adjust accordingly.

4. Make Sure You Say Your Name As You Dismount

This is a weird rule because I can’t figure out who is propagating it.  Who told you this? Do you see any of your respected elders doing it?  No, because it’s weird. The host is about to say your name again in 30 seconds. And if anyone at this Brooklyn bar was so excited by discovering their new favorite comedian that they missed it, they can ask you or the host afterward or check the show’s Facebook or Twitter.

If You Do Break It Don’t treat this as an If, stop doing that!

5. Don’t talk about Tinder/Hump the Stool/Talk about your period/Read something off your phone as a punchline - These will all be outdated in the near future (okay, not humping the stool, that’s a timeless hack classic), but you get what I mean.

I mean someone’s gotta have one of the few great, unique takes on their mom joining Facebook and you gotta have some shit to fill out your set on the road.

If You Do Break It Don’t be a hypocrite about it and shit on some other guy doing The Hacky Thing That’s Not The Hacky Thing I Do

And one Rule you should NEVER break is

Don’t Wear Shorts On Stage. Ever. Yes, yes, this is a little sexist.  Some guys counter with, “But female comics get to wear skirts and dresses when it’s hot” but that’s almost always a calculated choice in service of a persona or cultivated look. So unless you’re cultivating a persona of “Hey, I just stopped in on my way back from Home Depot and figured I’d try telling a couple jokes for the first time,” DO. NOT. WEAR. SHORTS.

Mike Vecchione is Murdering

I had the pleasure of watching Mike Vecchione (@ComicMikeV) perform on a trip to LA waaaay back in 2010, so when I first arrived in NYC, his name would always pop out at me on lineups at The Stand, Caroline’s and Stand Up NY.  He was funny in 2010, even funnier in 2014 and even funnier right now.

Mike’s calm, soft-spoken delivery is an interesting contrast to his meathead physique, cop face and sometimes almost brutally direct material.  It works.  He’s also a strong joke writer who is incredibly economical with his words, so each joke has maximum funny density. Always a pleasure to watch onstage.  So I was very excited he was on the lineup of a show at The Stand a couple of weeks ago that I was bringing an out-of-town civilian friend to. And holy cow, it might have been my favorite set of Vecchione’s this year.  Not only that, but when I looked over, my friend was literally crying from laughing so hard.  And that was no fluke, Vecchione’s been crushing harder than ever all over town lately.  I can’t put my finger on what small shift has happened, but who cares, because it’s awesome to watch.

Comedy Underground with Dave Attell Live

Comedy Underground with Dave Attell was a really refreshing turn for Comedy Central’s Stand-Up lineup. I’m hoping it’s a harbinger of the pendulum finally swinging back toward hardcore, no-gimmicks, rock n roll stand-up comedy.  The performers featured on the show, like Kurt Metzger, Mike Vechhione, Jay Oakerson and Joe DeRosa are some of the biggest badasses on the mic who haven’t necessarily received the TV attention they deserve because they didn’t fit the mold of what was in vogue for the last half decade.  And even the familiar faces like Nikki Glaser, Ari Shaffir and Jimmy Shubert have chops that far outstrip their level of industry buzz.

After Season One wrapped, Attell has kept the party going with monthly live shows at The Village Underground (where the series was filmed).  Following the show’s format, each night features a group of straight up killers, set free to be as dark and dirty as they want, with Dave doing a little chit chat session after each set.

BTW No word yet from Comedy Central on a Season Two pickup, so why not take a sec to tweet them your support!

The August edition was a great as ever, with super hilarious folks like Marina Franklin, Gary Gulman, Keith Robinson, Sam Morril, Jay Oakerson, and Chris Distefano split between the early and late shows, and very cool drop-ins Amy Schumer and Gilbert Gottfriend.

The combination of a stand-up set and a little Q&A with Dave is really delightful.  Watching Gilbert & Dave interact on the late show was both a comedy nerd’s wet dream and incredibly enjoyable for the audience. It’s also just great to be in a room where everyone’s on board with where this is going.  The early audience, especially, was just great.  All gut laughs, no turning to see if their girlfriend was frowning or if they were “supposed to be” laughing at this joke.

This will turn into a novel if I extoll the virtues of each and every set, and anyway, you should just come and experience it for yourself!

Your Name Here? Who The Hivemind Thinks Is The Next Paid Regular

All right, we’ve got about thirty folks playing in the Comedy Store Paid Regular Fantasy League and there are no two identical rosters, which is kinda cool. But there are some overall trends.

The general consensus is that the next paid regulars will be:

  1. Earl Skakel
  2. Jayson Thibault or Rick Glassman
  3. Rick Glassman or Yassir Lester

And that these folks are probably gonna get passed at some point real soon:

  • Kyle Ray
  • Amir K
  • Jen Murphy
  • Jon Huck

It was interesting to see some of the weird patterns that emerged. Like Teeb, he was either on your ballot in the second position or not on your ballot at all. And nearly everyone who had Glassman somewhere, also had Yassir and/or Jen.

And my three favorite rosters are:

Adam Eget (who is technically disqualified):

  • Mini Dean
  • Fat Texas BBQ Sandwich
  • Steven Patrick Morrissey

Dan Madonia who did not vote for himself, and Ryan Mirvis who ONLY voted for himself.

Good luck everyone.

PS I totally feel like that mean girl in Junior High who would tape a list of who were her friends this week to her desk so everyone knew who to be cool with and who to shun.